Travelling Gypsy Group Of InWorldz

This website will help group members understand the ethos of the group and how the group works.

The gypsy group is essentially a social group of like-minded people who enjoy the possibilities of sharing time with others within a themed environment which remains constant but which constantly changes. This forms a dynamic role play group and as such members develop and play a role with others when they are in camps. The gypsy group does not represent the ethnic groups —Of which there are many.— loosely categorized as “gypsy” in real life, neither is it set up to educate on gypsy lifestyle, however seeking basic knowledge in these areas can help members in their role. The Gypsy group is open enrolment and welcomes anyone, ensuring there is an “inclusive” policy which will not discriminate on any grounds.

Here you will find information about camps, events, gypsy entertainers, markets and merchants that sell gypsy goods. Information on what you can expect from the gypsy community and what the gypsy community expects from you if you. A blog page makes it possible to post up information on an ongoing basis and for members to comment and respond and a gallery is a great way for us to collect images and videos of our gypsy activities.

So what is the “role-play” all about?

The InWorldz Gypsy Group Gathering At The Appleby Fair Camp

The Appleby Fair camp is one of the largest join ups of the InWorldz Gypsy group. Representing the Appleby Horse Fair in England, this camp offers the opportunity for all group members to join up in one place.

Based on the idea of being free to wander, the gypsy group travels around exploring different scenes. The gypsy group has no permanent home in InWorldz for this very reason, so the gypsy group must wander on the “long road “ sometimes not knowing where we are going to next, and sometimes not even having a pitch to go to. Landowners invite gypsies to pitch up, join up and then move on.  Camps are on purpose of short duration, meaning there is always a need for gypsies to return to the road again and searching for another site. This is authentic to the gypsy way of life.

One of the fundamental resources a gypsy needs on the road is a travelling home. Within the gypsy group this means having a vardo  —Which were developed mostly in the UK and Ireland but also in other parts of Europe. Essentially a vardo is a horse-drawn vehicles and home. Real life gypsies take great pride in the construction and unique decoration of their vardo. The gypsy group provides a blank un-textured vardo which any new member can then texture and change to create their own unique home when attending a camp. Many gypsies have created their own, some have even created water/air-borne homes. These unique and unconventional travelling homes are an interpretation possible in a virtual world and excepted by the gypsy group. It is the diversity and uniqueness of these creations that adds value to the travelling camp scene which also changes at every camp.

Camps are as important to gypsies as travelling. Camps are the host to many events and activities arranged by members of the gypsy group. Camp landowners and guiding members give guidance in arranging events, all members can arrange any events they like within their time zones or available times. Events may range from a simple chat around the fire, an exploration group or even musical events where members can dance and chat with each other. Travelling camps are the focus of most events, however may also take place in one of the resting camps as well. Members arranging events should make use of the Events listing on this website as well as the gypsy group to let other gypsies know of their event.

This website will introduce you to the core intentions and the possibilities available if you are or wish to become a members.

Gypsy Group History:

In the beginning it was possible for all gypsies in the group to travel as one band or “clan” which created a great spirit of “camaraderie” but the gypsy membership grew very quickly as more residents of InWorldz found the group appealing and wanted to join in. The gypsy group became very popular and visible —Causing rapid growth and a building of tensions.— requiring those that guide the group to develop a better means of expressing the group’s core goals and meaning. This website being one such means.

The Gypsy group is now just too big to travel as one band and so has diversified to create a number of camps some of which are “travelling” —Camps that exist for a short duration.— and some of which are “resting” where you can go to if you are not on the road. Most of the events activity are still focused on the travelling camps but resting camps are also encouraged to have some activities promoted on this site.