Camps Of The Gypsies

Though gypsies are nomadic, gathering in camps is equally important in their lives as being on the road. Coming together in travelling camps is almost always celebrated as joyously as returning to the road. Gypsies of InWorldz are no different, and are found gathered in travelling camps which exist only for a short time, or more stable resting camps that allow gypsies to set up camp for short rest periods before having to move on. Region owners through-out the InWorldz Grid host both types of camps. At these camps the gypsies can find their community and neighbours always changing. Camps often offer opportunities for a variety of events arranged by the gypsies camped there.

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Travelling Join Up Camps

Travelling Join Up Camps only exist for a short time, a lotteries are often held at the closing of each join up for those who have right of first pick for pitches at the next travelling camp. These camps though are usually host to most of the parties and events within the gypsy community, who often celebrate when coming together and celebrate returning to the road when the join up comes to a close. In between gypsies are free to arrange any number of events ranging from spur of the moment conversations around the camp fire, to planned events such as musical entertainers, story tellers or exploration groups.

Resting Camps

Gypsies on the road may find they can not get to Travelling Join Up Camps from time to time. Gypsies may choose to continue along the the long road, stop at a Resting Camp. Resting Camps are stable camps that are available for gypsies to stop at for a period of time. Through resting camps do not always offer the opportunity for larger organized events, they can still be an ever-changing hub of the gypsy community as travellers arrive and leave regularly. Gypsies may still organize some events with the owners of some camps.