Eclipse Along The Long Road: Gallaecian Gypsy Camp

The carnival grounds of the fine city of Victoriana provided much needed rest for the little ones, and a joyous place to see faces missed so much on the long road. Alas it is but a city —Grand and ageless as its buildings may be.— and not used to free spirits such as the wandering gypsies, they soon tired of the sceptical of our presence. They kidnapped one of us, claiming her as our queen, knowing not that we have no such person among us. Then we knew it was time to return to the long road again. Perhaps in days when their own roaming carnies return, so shall we to meet of our wandering brethren of grand cities.

Packing the family and my wife choosing to wander on her own for a time, along the long road I the eclipsed one traveled. Along the way bringing music of shadows and night to those with mind and soul open to hear it, at least until the road ended and water lay ahead. Winter chill at my back, water ahead, and no shelter from a bitter winter coming, a night I spent on the shore. A ship was what was needed for the family to find shelter where the long road would resume, and as though the road answered a ship did appear, and I became it’s shadow on shore. Night and Shadow, both strong of body and will lead, pulling the Vardo of darkness, gargoyles, dragons and elegance along in turn. The two Clyde’s apply their will well, the traveling home dare not stop longer than to give each strong beast turn to rest and work in equal measure, traveling a day maybe two, a shadow drawing shorter. Soon ship and traveling gypsy did meet, gypsies of the sea they were and guardians of a camp among warmer waters, a mountain camp only to be reached by sea. With only another day on the bitter cold shore, Shadow and Night with help from Darkness not used to pulling himself, and help from hands of the deck, hoisted the Vardo to deck. Safe passage assured for father, son and daughter from the brethren of the sea, the journey was swift to where the long road would lead, a camp quite lively to allow rest, hidden away from others who may wish to kidnap out of their ignorance.

With word along the long road for the wife who wanders alone to find the family loved, wait and rest the eclipsed one does with son and daughter safe in his care.