Upload Your Pictures

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Uploading Your Pictures:

  1. Select a picture: Click the “Browse” button and select a picture from your computer. NOTE: Please make sure all images are a minimum of 1024 pixels in height or width and are in proper proportion. (See Picture Guide) Pictures that are wider than 1600 pixels or taller than 1200 pixels will automatically be scaled down proportionally to fit within the maximum size.
  2. Enter a title: Enter a title for your picture in the text field below “Image Title:”. NOTE: The pictures title should describe the picture in just a few words.
  3. Enter a caption (Optional): Enter a caption for you picture in the text field below “Image Caption:”. NOTE: The caption can describe the picture in greater detail. This may include who is in the picture, what is happening where the picture was taken and any other details you may wish to include.
  4. Add another picture (Optional): Click the “Add picture” button and follow steps 1 through 3 for new fields that appear. Additional images must all be for upload to the same gallery. NOTE: Entering a caption remains optional for all additional pictures that are added.
  5. Select a gallery: Select a gallery from the drop down menu you wish your pictures to be uploaded to. If there is no gallery listed that your pictures fit into or you want the pictures in their own gallery use “Unassigned Pictures-New Gallery”, to have a gallery set up for your pictures please use the Contact Us form and tell us the gallery you want set up and names of the pictures you want placed in that gallery. NOTE: Do not upload to the “Return To Gallery Page” gallery as this is a navigational placeholder only. Images uploaded here will be moved to the gallery the moderators feel they would best fit into.
  6. Upload images: When you are done adding all the pictures you want to upload, click the “Upload” button and wait till you see the upload successful message. Your pictures are now stored and awaiting approval.

All images require approval prior to beingĀ  displayed. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for images to be processed especially if new galleries need to be set up.