Guide To Taking Pictures In InWorldz & Preparing Images Saved To Inventory

Taking Pictures:

Please note that following instructions may vary slightly depending your viewer of viewer version.

Saving Picture Directly To Your Computer:
  1. Open Snapshot Preview: Click the Snapshot button on your viewer to open the Snapshot Preview window. NOTE: You may also use the keyboard shortcut.
  2. Select Snapshot Type: Select the “Disk” tab to get the Snapshot To Disk options.
  3. Select Snapshot Size: Select the size from the drop down menu. The default is Current Window, which will take a snapshot of the complete view you would see on your viewer. NOTE: Snapshot size must be 800x600px or larger to be excepted.
  4. Frame Your Snapshot: Position your camera and frame your desired picture and click the refresh button. Continue adjusting your camera position and refreshing the preview till you are happy with the picture. NOTE: Anything within the grey areas of the preview will be “Out Of Frame” and will not appear in the picture.
  5. Select File Format: From the drop down menu select “PNG (Lossless)”.
  6. Saving File To Disk: Click the downward arrow next to Save and click “Save As…”, then change the image name leaving “.png” intact and save your image.  Your picture is now ready to be uploaded.

Preparing Images Saved To Inventory For Upload:

  1. Save Image To Your Computer: Open the Snapshot from your InWorldz inventory —Do not use right click and Save As in your inventory.—, then click the downward arrow next to Save to get the “Save as PNG” option. Click “Save as PNG” and a window will appear, browse to a memorable location you can find easily —Usually your computers default Pictures or Photo folder.—, change the file name if you want but leave “.png” at the end. NOTE: As you should upload pictures with a descriptive name, this is a good time to change the name.
  2. Check Image Size: Check the image size by opening it on your image editing software. Ensure images are 1024px in height or higher.
  3. Check Image Proportions: InWorldz will compress the images to 1:1 proportions in your inventory rather than the proportions of your computer screen. In order for these pictures to not be squished and distorted you will need to resize them in your image editing software before uploading them. Be sure that the constrain proportions option is off in your image editing software —Usually a chain between the Height and Width, and should appear broken when off.—, and increase the width till the image no longer appears distorted. NOTE: Widescreen proportions are typically 16:9 where the width is ~1.8 times the height. Standard screen proportions are 4:3 where the width is ~1.3 times the height. IE. Using a calculator the Height times 1.8 will give you the with of an image taken on a computer with a widescreen monitor.
  4. Save your images as either PNG (Preferred) or JPG. Your picture is now ready to be uploaded.

Uploading Images:

  1. Where to submit pictures: Hover your mouse pointer over the “Galleries” menu. Click on “Submit To Gallery” on the sub-menu that appears.
  2. Select a picture: Click the “Browse” button and select a picture from your computer. NOTE: Please make sure all images are a minimum of 1024 pixels in height or width and are in proper proportion. (See Picture Guide) Pictures that are wider than 1600 pixels or taller than 1200 pixels will automatically be scaled down proportionally to fit within the maximum size.
  3. Enter a title: Enter a title for your picture in the text field below “Image Title:”. NOTE: The pictures title should describe the picture in just a few words.
  4. Enter a caption (Optional): Enter a caption for you picture in the text field below “Image Caption:”. NOTE: The caption can describe the picture in greater detail. This may include who is in the picture, what is happening where the picture was taken and any other details you may wish to include.
  5. Add another picture (Optional): Click the “Add picture” button and follow steps 1 through 3 for new fields that appear. Additional images must all be for upload to the same gallery. NOTE: Entering a caption remains optional for all additional pictures that are added.
  6. Select a gallery: Select a gallery from the drop down menu you wish your pictures to be uploaded to. If there is no gallery listed that your pictures fit into or you want the pictures in their own gallery use “Unassigned Pictures-New Gallery”, to have a gallery set up for your pictures please use the Contact Us form and tell us the gallery you want set up and names of the pictures you want placed in that gallery. NOTE: Do not upload to the “Return To Gallery Page” gallery as this is a navigational placeholder only. Images uploaded here will be moved to the gallery the moderators feel they would best fit into.
  7. Upload images: When you are done adding all the pictures you want to upload, click the “Upload” button and wait till you see the upload successful message. Your pictures are now stored and awaiting approval.

All images require approval prior to being displayed. Please all0w 24 to 48 hours for images to be processed especially if new galleries need to be set up.