Victoriana Carnivale

I stood on the top of the hill watching the last of this particular camp being ushered passed Victoriana’s border and wondered…

“had a week gone by so fast?”

Then I untied the tethers on my barrel and after pulling up the gangplank, closed the curtains against the wind.   Immediately the water’s current, “Pani”, sensed my barrel was free and picked it up and started carrying it along.   Pani had been waiting–always wanting to carry me somewhere new.

After adding some wood to the fire, I lay back under my blanket and stared out the window at the sky.   In winter places, light leaves the sky so early and so it was now–fading.  The moon and the first stars followed easily, and I watched for the patterns they made because it would give me a hint of where Pani is taking me.  Would it be to another joinup?  Or would I find myself resting for a while, in some friendly and familiar place?

Hopefully in a warmer place for a bit.  All my jelly beans froze over night and I will need to find some new ones.

The locals surrounding this latest camp were friendly and came out to dance with us.  That was nice :—)

I have a feeling they will invite us back sometime–hopefully when it is summer time.